Welcome to the Thermomix Diaries!

After emailing photographs of our kitchen triumphs back and forth, sharing the links of like-minded blogs on facebook, and chatting about what we were cooking via MSN, we decided that a central place to discuss and share all things Thermomix was required.

We started with slightly different food philosophies.  Karen nurtures her family with ‘whole food’ goodness, whereas Justine’s family are the crash-test dummies for ‘cheffy’ meals that border on science experiments.  A genuine interest in each other’s creative style has influenced a broader range of cooking, and we are both exploring food in ways we would not have considered without our shared experiences.  It is no longer unusual to find Justine milling organic spelt, or for Karen to be sourcing the ingredients for a virtual bacon dust.

Regardless of the approach, both families look forward to dinner and the opportunity to share the day’s events.

We hope you might find inspiration here, as we chat about what’s cooking in our kitchens.

Karen and Justine

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