Lovin’ from the oven

This week has really been one of getting ‘back to basics’ for me. I have been making staples such as bread rolls, greek yoghurt, spreadable butter and halloumi (all of which are very blog-worthy…but another time). I am surprised at how gratifying I found making these basic food items, not to mention the cost savings. I have owned various appliances in the past including yoghurt and bread makers –but using the Thermomix is just so easy, both in time and method.

Today was all about bread making.

My first batch was Bacon and Cheese Rolls found on Forum Thermomix, a really easy and tasty recipe ‘Justine’ shared with me.  The rolls taste as wonderful as they look!  My family each had one fresh from the oven for lunch and the rest are in the freezer for school Monday.


My second batch was ‘Cyndi’s Gluten Free Bread’ from the Thermomix cookbook, Gluten Free Wheat Free Cooking.  I have made this recipe more than a dozen times and I am always thrilled with the results. Here is a link to a recipe I found on forum.thermomix.com which is very similar: http://www.forumthermomix.com/index.php?topic=3521.0

I still am impressed at the Thermomix’s ability to mill rice and millet to a flour!  The seeds I used in my mix today include linseed, sunflower and chia seeds.  There is no kneading required, the mix is more like a batter that needs to rise for 15 minutes before baking.  Whenever I can, I like the opportunity to bake wheat free and I just love the beautiful almost nutty flavour of this bread.  It is perfect fresh from the oven and soft enough to bend unlike some wheat free breads. I also love it toasted with poached eggs!

Image         Image


So…let us know, what do you enjoy baking?

~ Karen ~

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One Response to Lovin’ from the oven

  1. justinecooks says:

    Your heart-shaped rolls are just genius! I don’t know how you managed to get them shaped so perfectly! I might try the gluten free bread tomorrow, so I have something to put under my salmon. 🙂

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