Father’s Day Feast

My family had a lovely Father’s Day.  My children are now at an age where they were thrilled to choose their ‘own’ gifts for Dad from the Father’s Day Stall and the days that followed were full of suspense and excitement waiting for Father’s Day to actually arrive!

I too was very excited, as I have recently acquired a few new Thermomix cookbooks <insert excited squeal here> and had bookmarked lots of new recipes I wanted to try. So a Father’s Day dinner seemed a perfect opportunity.

I decided on ‘Lamb Pesto Crusto with Gusto’ and the ‘Jacket Potatoes and Pesto Sour Cream’ both recipes found in Tenina Holder’s For Food’s Sake cookbook.  My roast lamb with its flavorsome crust was a hit in my house, although I might use a touch less lemon zest next time (we have a stash of largish lemons at present).  Also looking at Tenina’s photo, I would cook my crust for a little longer as well.  I had not cooked potatoes using this method before, first steaming in foil in the Varoma, then transferring to oven to finish…genius!  Serving seemed quick and easy, and there was less clean up as the crumb, potatoes and flavoured sour cream were all made in the Thermomix.


For dessert my hubby requested a cheesecake. In all honesty I have not made a cheesecake in 7 years.   I was wooed by the photograph of the ‘Raspberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake’  from Fiona Hoskin’s Devil of A Cookbook.  This was such a quick yet impressive dessert to make, and served with berries and cream or a scoop of ice-cream could have served a large dinner gathering.  I calculate the time to make the base and cheesecake mix were approximately 5 minute each part…that includes melting the chocolate, and mixing the cream cheese and cream together and no cooking required.  The result was truly decadent!

I just wish I had a fancy platter or food styling skills to do these dishes justice, but you get the idea with these snaps.

Bonus for me…we have leftovers so tonight I have the night off cooking!  Although Justine told me today about an amazing batch of jam she made up with no effort at all (read about it here), I might pop a batch of that on while I wash up tonight 🙂

So, has anyone else tried these recipes…or would like to try? Please let us know how you go!!!

~ Karen ~

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