Banana and Coconut Bread… Bliss

My husband loves bananas.  At the moment, he’s working next door to a wonderful fruit shop and I’m sure he’s unable to walk past without buying a few.  As the rest of the family aren’t so keen, Hubby’s banana stockpile ripens before he’s able to get through them all.

Cue husband: “Hmm.  These bananas are a bit ripe.  Maybe you could do something with them?”  I look around.  Yes, he’s talking to me.

In the past, our favourite banana recipe has been Donna Hay’s Banana and Date LoafNow while it’s delicious, it is a royal pain to make.  I had noticed a Banana and Coconut Bread in my new cookbook, Quick Fix in the Thermomix, and decided to try a different way to use the sad looking ‘nanas in our fruit bowl.

I kid you not, it took longer for me to line the cake tin than it did to whiz the mixture together. …Okay, I’m a bit OCD with my lining, so it probably takes me longer to line a tin than most…

I wish I had taken a photograph of the inside as it was lovely and moist, and the coconut looked strangely pretty.  You could use desiccated coconut for a finer cake/bread, however the shredded coconut gave it an almost ‘chewy’ texture.  Although it is called a ‘bread’, we ate it like a cake as a treat.  I had read that it’s quite sweet so I reduced the sugar by 50g.  The only further tweak is that I would probably mash the bananas rather than slicing them, as they left largish chunks of fruit throughout.  That being said, it was demolished by the family and my daughter indulgently topped her slice with strawberry jam and cream.

The following day I noticed a new glut of bananas sitting in the fruit bowl.  I expect they are being ignored so that I might do something with them too!

~ Justine

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