Va Voom Vanilla and Strawberry Jam

I have an assignment due in two weeks and all I can think about is finding something to stump my Thermomix.  That sounds odd, but I’m still trying to find something that it can’t do.

During my Thermomix research, I was concerned that it would not reach the temperatures required for making jam.  We have an endless supply of mulberries nearby, and the gorgeous farm-gate fruit available for purchase only a short drive from our home just screams ‘preserve me!’

I love making jam, but it hurts.  I have to psych myself up for an afternoon of stirring, temperature testing, and burnt forearms.   There have been times when my children have presented me with a few kilos of mulberries and I force a smile to match their excited grins.  As much as we reap the rewards of a day’s work for months to come, making jam is a saga.

Anyway, prioritising my to-do list I decided that the sooner I cook something, the sooner I could make a start on that assignment. 😉  Flicking through Tenina Holder’s For Food’s Sake, I tagged a recipe for Vanilla and Strawberry Jam.  I had picked up some lovely strawberries over the weekend, planning to blitz them into a sorbet.  As much as I love the ease of turning fresh fruit and a little sugar into an after dinner treat, I realised we had probably seen enough sorbet for a while.  Tenina’s Va Voom Vanilla and Strawberry Jam was perfect for my spare half kilo of strawberries, as well as challenging my Thermomix yet again.  Tenina has been generous enough to share her recipe, but I highly recommend buying For Food’s Sake as it’s full of gorgeous things to cook.

Aren’t they lovely? I’m as happy with a bowl of gorgeous fruit as I am with a bunch of flowers.

Karen and I have had a few ‘get out’ moments over the last couple of weeks, and I have to say, this jam was another recipe to add to that growing list of Thermomix surprises.  I expected something delicious because anything with vanilla is heavenly, right?  But I also expected a thick strawberry sauce that might run off the side of a scone, or make a jam sandwich soggy.

No ladies and gentlemen, this is jam.  Thick, set, jam.  Jam with less than half the added sugar required for the old stir and scald jam.  I was impressed.

Throw fruit, sugar and a vanilla bean into that bowl, and for 35 minutes, you too can enjoy the most amazing fruity, floral smell wafting through your kitchen.

My family are my harshest food critics (actually, I think I may be harsher) but when I saw my daughter’s eyes roll back in her head as she tasted, I knew I was on a winner.  Our jar is nearly empty as it’s topped toast, banana and coconut bread, and has been sandwiched between freshly baked bread.  But that’s okay, it takes no time to whip up, and I’m looking forward to adapting the recipe to suit other seasonal fruit.  And no burnt forearms!

~ Justine

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3 Responses to Va Voom Vanilla and Strawberry Jam

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  2. Hi girls, thanks for this lovely post, I look forward to seeing what else you have up your collective sleeves!

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