The Humble Egg

Two facts about the bloggers behind The Thermomix Diaries…

1. Justine and Karen are uni friends who met while both studying Bachelor of Education (Primary),

2. We have only met in real life twice, but due to the nature of our online studies we tend to speak online several times per week, sometimes daily.

Given we can both type as fast as we can talk, and both get super excited about new discoveries of ways to use the Thermomix, a recent discussion led to another case of what we have come to call “get out!” moments when I shared how impressive I found poaching an egg in the shell.

One of our firm family favourites would be poached eggs, but I have to admit,  as ours is a family of 5, the happy feeling can disappear when I need to cook between 8-10 eggs for a breakfast sitting. I usually use a pan, egg rings and simmering water and vinegar, which when cooking larger amounts can prove time consuming and a bit messy.  Also, it is tricky for us all to sit down together, instead I seem to employ a production line approach.

I have seen recipes for poaching eggs in the Thermomix, but despite having my machine for 12 months, have only recently attempted the recipe.  It seemed all wrong to poach the egg in the shell, but then with my curiosity piqued I had to try it out!

The recipe I used was ‘Soft Boiled Eggs (Ah Kun Style)’ from A Taste of Asia.  I made a small change due poaching 8 eggs, I increased the cooking time to 13 minutes.

When I cracked the egg open, the first I saw of what was inside was white yet not set.  As I separated the egg shells, out bounced a perfectly formed oval egg but with a softness that hinted their was runny egg yolk waiting to escape!

Perfectly formed, poached eggs…while I sipped on tea…what a wonderful weekend treat.


I have one piece of advice.  Please ensure your eggs are at room temperature. This week I attempted poached eggs for lunch and did not have the same success and I attribute this to the egg temperature prior to poaching.  This morning with room temperature eggs, the result was perfect.

We usually serve our poached eggs on gluten free bread or rye toast, but if I was going to be fancy, I would add baby spinach and ham or smoked salmon, and might even whip up a quick batch of Hollandaise Sauce from the EDC book.  I know since our ‘get out’ moment last weekend, Justine has made risotto and popped an egg poached this way on top of each dish for an easy yet tasty evening meal.  In the same way we think it would work on top of asian noodle dishes – truly the possibilities are endless and technique so easy.

 Would it be too cheesy to say have an ‘egg-cellent Sunday all’ ?   🙂

 ~ Karen ~

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4 Responses to The Humble Egg

  1. wilbursmum says:

    I agree!! Thermomix poached eggs are amazing!! I do mine very slowly (60 degrees for 43 minutes). How do you do yours?

  2. Hi Wilbur’s Mum!
    Yes…poaching eggs this way has been such a ‘get out’ moment for me 🙂 up to 5 eggs 10-12 mins 70 degrees speed 4 (in rice basket). I have increased it to 8 eggs and cooked it for a longer time with success too. Thanks for stopping by! ~ K

    • Jacqui says:

      Hi, how much water do you add?
      Thanks can’t wait to try this!

      • Hi Jacqui, add 1 litre of water to the Thermomix bowl. Depending on their size or whether your eggs are at room temperature or refrigerated, you might have to fiddle with the length of time you cook your eggs. I’ve found that 70c for 15 minutes is perfect for 2-3 eggs straight from the fridge. Our family loves not having the soggy bread that normally comes with poached eggs. Good luck! ~ Justine

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