Citrus Curd – Pink Grapefruit

After the recent glut of strawberries, my family is finally starting to slow down with the Strawberry and Vanilla Jam.  A short time ago, I made Lemon Butter from the Everyday Cookbook, but today I thought I’d try another recipe.  This time I’ve made Tenina’s Citrus Curd from For Food’s Sake.  It’s a little more decadent than the Lemon Butter in the Everyday Cookbook, but I have to say that the family are unanimous in that Tenina’s version is much, much nicer.

This time I decided to give pink grapefruit a try.  How gorgeous is this colour?

I’m a little sad that the colour didn’t transfer to the final product, but there are lots of eggs and butter which I guess overtook the sunrise colour of the grapefruit.

The recipe makes about 1 litre of gorgeous curd.  I think I’ll try it with lime next time!

~ Justine

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2 Responses to Citrus Curd – Pink Grapefruit

  1. I LOVE your pic of the jars! hahaha, gorgeous.

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