Halloumi in the Thermomix? Absolutely!

While I was waiting for my Thermomix to arrive, I spent my days poring over websites planning the dishes I would cook.  When I stumbled across a recipe for halloumi, my heart jumped a little with excitement.  Halloumi is something our house considers a treat.  It’s on the pricey side, but we just love it barbecued with herbs and a squeeze of lemon.  Sometimes I’ll flour it first and place it on top of a green, herby salad dressed with a vinaigrette, but our favourite is a la natural, straight off the barbie with lemon.

If you’ve never eaten halloumi, it’s a Cypriot cheese that is meant to be cooked before eating.  It doesn’t melt, and so it stands up nicely to the heat of a frypan and gains this lovely crust as it cooks.

If you have access to raw milk, definitely give this a go.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a cow in the garden (I wish!) but regular full-cream milk from the supermarket has still been very successful.  I happened to have a bottle of calcium chloride and rennet from past ventures in cheese making, but comments underneath the recipe have instructions on replacing the rennet with a junket tablet.  You should be able to find junket in the jelly section of your supermarket.

I’ve made this a few times now, however I did have one failure when I became complacent and overheated the milk.  So while it’s a very easy recipe, you do have to follow the instructions.

Here are the curds and whey setting in the Thermoserver.

The recipe uses the TM basket as the mould, but I was lucky enough to find a plastic container with a square basket insert that fits neatly into the bowl of the Thermomix.  Call me square – but I like the rectangular blocks rather than the quadrant shapes the round basket forms.

There is the suggestion that the brine’s salt content could be reduced, and I would also recommend this.  I’ve reduced my salt down to 25g.

I have started experimenting and this photo shows my latest batch with dried Italian herbs which were added when the curds were reheated.  To be honest, I think I got firmer results from the plain version, but I’m all about experimenting and trying new things!

~ Justine

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