Yes to Yakult Style Fermented Milk

In recent months I have been managing some tummy problems and was encouraged to take a daily Yakult.  I tried a few on the market and found the Vaalia style to my liking.  I regularly make my own yoghurt (I follow Super Kitchen Machine’s recipe link below), so it didn’t seem such a stretch to try making my own fermented milk drink and save a whole lot of $$$ in the process.

After a bit of research I found this non-thermomix method on the internet (yakult recipe).  I applied it to Valerie’s recipe and this is the method I follow. I have made this 3-4 times now, each time saving 50-100ml of fermented milk for the next batch.

I have really enjoyed the flavour of this fermented milk drink. I prefer it best without the sugar added, it is mild and suits by tastebuds first thing in the morning. However, if you prefer you can add sugar to taste.

yakult photo

Fermented Milk Drink (Yakult style)

  • 1 litre of plain dairy milk
  • One serve (50-100ml) of Vaalia fermented milk drink
  1. Ensure all your containers are cleaned thoroughly and rinse with hot water.
  2. Place milk into the TM bowl and heat 20mins/80 degrees/sp 2-3.
  3. Cool milk to 37 degrees C.  As Valerie suggests, pop your TM bowl in the fridge and check after 30 mins by placing on TMX and watching lights for temperature indication. If still too warm after 30mins, place back in fridge and check again in 5mins increments until temperature shows 37 degrees.
  4. When milk is at correct temperature, add your fermented milk starter. Gently mix in with milk 3-4 sec/speed soft.
  5. Heat 15mins/37 degrees/sp 2.
  6. Meanwhile grab your Thermoserver rinse with boiling water.
  7. Pour fermented milk into your Thermoserver and allow it to incubate. I usually make a batch before bed and leave overnight on the bench.  The end product should be the same colour as milk, just slightly thicker and has a mild yoghurt smell and slight tang.
  8. Incubation time:
    1. 8 hours:  consistency is thicker than milk, but still quite runny and does not stick to sides of a glass. Easy to drink.
    2. 10 (or more) hours: consistency thickens to be more like a runny yoghurt.  This is nice on CADA or muesli.  Still good to drink, but you may need a spoon to retrieve all the residue.
  9. Refrigerate and when ready, have a shot glass of pro-biotic goodness.

~ Karen

yakult 2

8 hours of incubation gives a runny drinkable texture

  • Use within seven days
  • Remember to save approx 100ml of fermented milk for your next batch!!
  • A big thanks to Helene from Super Kitchen Machine, for the inspiration and method to make yoghurt in the first place!
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1 Response to Yes to Yakult Style Fermented Milk

  1. Karen from TTD says:

    Ps…I am now experimenting with making fermented milk drinks using goat’s milk. First batch worked well 🙂 K

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