Crazy for Crackers

We have found making crackers both quick and rewarding in our trusty Thermomix. What’s more you can tailor your ingredients to suit your dietary needs. Find out more in our ‘Crazy for Crackers’ post. Enjoy!

The Thermomix Diaries

There are some things in my pantry and refrigerator that I would never have dreamed that I’d prefer to make than purchase.  Yoghurt, stock powder and pastes, muesli bars and cereals.  There are lots of things.  I think the item that I’m most surprised by however, is savoury biscuits.

My husband works hard and has a physical job, so he likes to come home and have a beer and something to nibble on before dinner.  Our cupboard was stocked with chips and crackers to have with cheese or with a dip; full of numbers that I was always too scared to investigate.  We’d tried crudités, but he didn’t want to have to fiddle with that, and I didn’t want to have to chop them while prepping for dinner.

Within week one of owning my Thermomix and having purchased Tenina Holder’s For Food’s Sake, one of the first things…

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