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Save a Motzah making Mozzarella!

Those who know me food wise, know that I’m fascinated by recipes where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. From flour and water, we can achieve a naturally risen sourdough or a multitude of flat-breads. Depending … Continue reading

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A Farewell Feast

I had a sad week with the passing of a friend’s father.  He was a good man and will be sorely missed. Times like these require a very quick rally round and I was glad to be able to do … Continue reading

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Searching for Sago

The first time I ate sago was when my eldest children were born.  They were born 4 weeks early (they’re twins, so that’s normal), but they needed to stay in the newborn care centre until they were strong enough to leave.  … Continue reading

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Crazy for Crackers

There are some things in my pantry and refrigerator that I would never have dreamed that I’d prefer to make than purchase.  Yoghurt, stock powder and pastes, muesli bars and cereals.  There are lots of things.  I think the item … Continue reading

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Dairy Free Caramel Slice

After the excitement of making a dairy free sweetened condensed milk, it dawned on me that while it tasted like a coconut’y sweetened condensed milk, and that it scooped like sweetened condensed milk, I needed to see whether it cooked … Continue reading

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Dairy Free Sweetened Condensed Milk

I have a simple enough family to feed in terms of allergies and intolerances – nothing is off limits.  However, this is not the case with our extended family and circle of friends.  Maybe because I’m not used to catering … Continue reading

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Vanilla Panna Cotta with a Milk Crumb and Berries

Earlier this year I was asked to cater a 40th birthday “dinner party” …for 35 adults.  Yep, no barbecues or spit roasts involved.  *gulp* I hate spending someone else’s money so I made cost and ease of serving the main … Continue reading

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