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This is a lovely slice for afternoon tea or a great dessert when warmed and served with a small dollop of cream.  It’s gooey, oozy and decadent, but a little goes a long way. Carmelitas Base and Top 200g softened … Continue reading

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Cauliflower Pizza Base ala Mamabake

I first came across ‘mock rice’ when I found a recipe posted by Helene from Super Kitchen Machine, view recipe here.  I told my husband I was thinking of trying this ‘fake rice’ recipe made entirely on cauliflower and we … Continue reading

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Sous Vide Scrambled Eggs

I don’t understand why I can’t find dashi powder anywhere, and yet I can stumble across cookbooks by Ferran Adria and Heston Blumenthal in Big-W.  As if I haven’t already spoiled myself rotten with a selection of Thermomix cookbooks, I … Continue reading

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Citrus Curd – Pink Grapefruit

After the recent glut of strawberries, my family is finally starting to slow down with the Strawberry and Vanilla Jam.  A short time ago, I made Lemon Butter from the Everyday Cookbook, but today I thought I’d try another recipe.  … Continue reading

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Halloumi in the Thermomix? Absolutely!

While I was waiting for my Thermomix to arrive, I spent my days poring over websites planning the dishes I would cook.  When I stumbled across a recipe for halloumi, my heart jumped a little with excitement.  Halloumi is something … Continue reading

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Green Chicken

At the start of the year, I took part in the Million Kilo Challenge.  Other than shaking my new year up with a healthy start, I loved not having to plan meals.  It was also a great opportunity to try … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Thermomix Diaries!

After emailing photographs of our kitchen triumphs back and forth, sharing the links of like-minded blogs on facebook, and chatting about what we were cooking via MSN, we decided that a central place to discuss and share all things Thermomix … Continue reading

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